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Learning Management System (LMS) at NWIS helps the educators in the following ways:

Taking Attendance and maintaining attendance records

Uploading the LMS content grade and subject wise

Handling classes with the LMS content

Providing Assignments, Homework, Quiz to students

Letting the students to submit the assignments and share their work

Grading the Assignments

Collaborate with the peers

Track student progress

Generate reports

The New World International School Parent Council consists of the parents of the students enrolled in the school. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the parents prove to be a rich treasure trove from whom the students benefit. NWIS regularly calls upon the parents from various fields to conduct sessions with the senior students to expose them to the opportunities and demands of the career provide them the information which would help them make the right choices when it comes to the picking the right courses at the right university to help the students realize their dream. Doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, university professors and accountants are amongst the ones who have so far volunteered to come and give insights into their respective fields to help the students make the right decision.

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