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Middle SChool

New World International School – Middle School is typically for learners aged 11 to 14 years. We prepare students for the next step of their education, steering them to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.

We provide a broad and balanced education for your learners, helping them to thrive throughout their schooling, work and life. With 10 subjects to choose from, including English, Mathematics and Science, our middle school programme provides a clear path for the next stage of education, as well as plenty of opportunities to develop creativity, expression and personal wellbeing in a variety of ways.

Our middle school programme is part of the Cambridge Pathway. The four stages lead seamlessly from primary to secondary and pre-university years. Each stage builds on learners’ development from the previous one or from other educational systems:

NWIS middle school helps prepare learners for the next step of their education, providing a clear path as they progress through the Cambridge Pathway in an age-appropriate way.

A broad curriculum for a balanced education

With a choice of 10 subjects, a wide range of support and optional assessments, you will find plenty to help you deliver core subjects as well as develop creativity, expression and wellbeing.

A range of subjects makes sure that teaching and learning appeals to many different students and prepares them for the future by introducing them to new topics. Teachers enjoy a stimulating and varied curriculum, which challenges and inspires students to be lifelong learners.

A global learner in a local context

NWIS encourages learners to understand their own culture, community and identity within the wider world.

We want to celebrate local culture while helping learners to discuss global issues. Activities in our schemes of work are internationally focused but they can be applied in all local contexts so that learners can develop a broad outlook.

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