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NWIS is a custom built school. It has been designed keeping student safety and security in mind, while at the same time lends itself to providing a stimulating learning environment. The building is divided into three sections – Boys section, Girls section and Kindergarten and each of the section has its own entrances and play areas. All classrooms are brightly lit and equipped with the latest smart board, projector and laptop.

Our libraries have a well selected collection of books and resources with a spacious reading room too. Students learning are further supported in designated and specialised language rooms, Mentoring rooms, well equipped AV rooms, Computer labs, Science labs and large 700sq Auditorium.

Our school has dedicated clinics with basics medical facilities and qualified nurse/doctors. In addition, our teachers are first aid and CPR trained. Students also have access to the dedicated school counsellor, as we believe the right mentoring and guidance can help our students academically, personally and socially. Our school canteen provides healthy and nutritious snacks through the day.

We maintain three detailed libraries of children's story books and knowledge books to develop their reading and analytical abilities. Children are encouraged to read books individually and as a team. Every week they are allowed to borrow books from the library. These books have been specially selected keeping their ages and their abilities in mind. We believe that children should have access to various writing styles and stories from all corners of the world.

The vision for NWIS is to bring learning to life for everyone. In order to bring learning to life, student, parent, staff, teachers, and administrators must have a safe and supportive environment. NWIS is committed to creating an environment where harassment and bullying does not exist. We strive to drive out fear by making bullying a topic that is okay to talk about, by understanding what actions are being talking to lessen the degree of its presence, and by modelling the fundamental behaviors we value for creating safe, supportive, and joyful learning environment.

In NWIS, harassment and bullying behaviors are unacceptable. We believe there is a better way and talking meaningful action to make our vision a reality.

In support of Anti-Bullying the school Executive team had worked to create consistent, relevant and timely training for NWIS team members.

At the beginning of the 2016 school year, NWIS has conducted harassment and bullying training for all staff and teachers. The objectives of the training wave for participants to have a clear understanding of what bullying is and is not, an understanding of the process for reporting alleged bullying incidents, and an understanding of best practices for intervening in bullying situations.

Beginning in 2017, all teachers and administrators have continued building awareness and increasing understanding of bullying behaviors.

In addition to staff training, educators in NWIS are encouraging students participation in order to prevent bullying. By educating students on what bullying is and how to handle it in their everyday lives, we are opening channels of communication on a topic has long been stifled. In doing so, we aim to build a greater sense of confidence in our students by giving them the tools they need to not only prevent bulling, but to become proactive in creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

Where it is not possible for a university to physically send a representative, NWIS organizes webinars with their admissions’ officer where the students can direct their queries via video link. This ensures that the students are given the opportunity to be exposed to a large array of universities from the comfort of the school.

NWIS invites career counsellors to conduct sessions for the senior high schoolers to help them realize their potential be provided with the options available to them.

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