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NWIS will foster your children’s growth and empower them to fulfill their potential. Our graduates will have the opportunity to change their world and therefore need to develop the values to guide action alongside the tools to be effective. NWIS brings you a quick Cambridge IGCSE subjects guide so that students and parents can make informed choices after they read, understand and confidently choose the subjects as.

IGCSE Subject Guide

IGCSE is the abbreviation of International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is tailored for a wider ability range of students with a broader grading system and offers more subject options for learners.

Generally speaking, IGCSE is more well-known than O Level around the world and is in fact the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. As of September 2020, Cambridge IGCSE was taken in over 150 countries and in more than 4800 schools around the world. Students typically study 5 to 8 subjects at IGCSE depending on the university requirements and the qualifications are internationally recognized.

O-Level Code Subjects
3248 Urdu
2058 Islamiyat
2059 PAK Studies
AS & A-Level Code Subjects
9707 Business Studies
9706 Accounting
9709 Mathematics
9700 Biology
9701 Chemistry
9702 Physics
9708 Economics
9626 Information Technology
0478 Computer Science
IGCSE Code Subjects
0417 Information Communication and Technology
0450 Business Studies
0452 Accounting
0508 Arabic
0510/0511 English
0580 Mathematics
0610 BiologyBusiness Studies
0620 Chemistry
0625 Physics
0455 Economics
0478 Computer Science

Students of IGCSE (Grade IX batch 2021 - 2022) have to fulfill the criteria of the Universities of their respective countries or the Universities where they will pursue their studies after ‘A’ Levels.

Egyptian Universities require the total number of eight ‘IGCSE’ level subjects and two ‘A’ levels or four AS levels with proof of 12 years of schooling.

Jordanian Universities require at least six IGCSE/GCSE subjects and two ‘A’ level subjects. Both Egyptian and Jordanian Universities need Arab students to do ‘Arabic’ as First Language.

Parents are requested to check out the requirements of the Universities before they finally decide.

If Pakistani students plan to go back to their home country after (“O” Levels), they need a minimum of 5 subjects with Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies and Urdu included in their list.

To suit the individual needs and requirements of our students, NWIS offers the following subjects catering to the Science and Commerce fields. Accounting, Business and Economics (apart from the core subjects) will be covered in the Commerce Stream. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology and Computer Science make up the Science Stream. English, Math, Arabic/Urdu are compulsory.

It is important that you choose your subjects wisely. Before you consider which subjects to select, research a range of universities and career options so that the subjects you select satisfy the entry requirements. Think about which subjects are the perquisites for further study or your career path. Find out more about IGCSE/AS/A Level subjects by clicking this official website of university of Cambridge (

NWIS teachers help the students achieve their highest potential, by identifying their learning capabilities, weaknesses and gaps in their knowledge and bring in research based interventions, use of technology and digital tools.

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